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Bride Tribe Package

Bridesmaid gifts are expensive and tricky. Why not gift something practical that would last a lifetime? Whether you have 4  or 12 bridesmaids, I've got you covered.


My New Name Make Up Bag

Let's be honest. What bride doesn't want her new last name on everything? These bags are perfect for your big day and honeymoon! Available individually or add to a Bride Tribe Package.


Personalized Beauty Bag

Available individually or in bulk these personalized beauty bags make great birthday gifts or party favors!


Signage and Banners

From welcome signs to large scale banners, find your wedding receptions decor or household decor here!


Large Scale Calligraphy Quote Banner

Whether a Bible verse, quote, or your last name, these banners are a perfect focal point for your wedding reception


The Official Mrs. and Mrs. Signs

Whether to hang on the backs of your wedding party table chairs, to set on your welcome table, or to use in your wedding photos, these Mr. and Mrs. signs are the perfect embellishment to celebrate the happy couple.


Seating Chart

Offered on all different mediums from chalkboards to glass, canvas to paper, these hand done seating charts are the most elegant decoration.


You and Me Print

Many brides and grooms like to gift each other with a watercolor print of their favorite picture together. I've seen my prints used on welcome tables at receptions and as engagement gifts from family and friends.


Art By Commission

My business originally started with just artwork by commission. I kept hearing people say "I would love to just have a piece that looks like X in my home, but I can't find anything like what I have in mind." Well.... I figured I could solve this problem and work alongside clients to create exactly what they have envisioned. Many order art for their homes while others order art as gifts. Either way I like to remain loyal to my roots and work with clients to design art pieces. Below are samples and stories about pieces I have done for clients.

A Childhood to Remember

Christina reached out to me in need of a graduation gift for her niece. Her niece  grew up in Colorado Springs her whole life and was moving away for college. Together Christina and I worked to design a piece that incorporated the COS skyline, front rang mountains, and CO flag.

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 2.34.58 PM.png

Fly Away

Will's dad is a fly fishing fanatic. For Father's Day Will and his sisters split this three part wall arrangement of hand painted fly fishing flies for their dad. These piece now hand in their cabin in Steamboat Springs, CO. Since then, I have repeatedly created similar pieces for other clients.


New Wife, New Life

Annabelle recently got married and she and her husband bought a house. She wanted to fill her home with meaningful art. She reached out to me and asked for simplistic, black and white drawings of their wedding and their new home. This is what I came up with.


The Haggai Sophia

Matt's favorite building is the Haggai Sophia. He admires the artistic sculpt of the building. Matt had an empty wall in his house he just wasn't sure what to do with. He reached out to me and asked me to paint the Haggai Sophia.


Estes Park Night Sky

Carissa wanted to get her brother something that reminded him of their home town, Estes Park, Colorado. I created for her a simplistic night sky rendition of the mountain view from their home town.


Trafton Family Christmas Card

The Trafton family did not have time to snap a great family picture for their Christmas card this year so Teri reached out to me and asked me to design a Christmas card for them. The Trafton family has owned an iconic, old fashioned red beetle bug and it has been sitting outside their home for years. I you drive down Tejon Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado you can expect to see it there. She asked for this icon to be included in the Christmas card design.


The Modern Mickey Nursery

Michelle and Dillon are huge disney fans. Once they found out they were pregnant with their first baby boy they knew they wanted to make their nursery Minnie and Mickey themed. Michelle wanted to use all nuetral colors, grey, navy, and white. She reach out to me to design a simplistic painting of the Disney castle with minnie in Mickey in the colors she had chosen. The painting now hangs above their son's toy chest.


Natural Beauty

Renata, who lives in Italy, was looking for some romantic, beautiful, art pieces to fill the walls of her lovely European apartment. She say some figure drawing i had posted about drawing for my own home and asked if I could re-create similar pieces.

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Home Sweet Homes

Elle's sister and fiance' met in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they grew up. They planned to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado after they got married. Elle wanted to gift them with a sentimental wedding gift. She asked me to created simplistic, playful cityscapes of these two significant cities. These pieces now hang in their first home as a married couple!

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Life's A Climb

Micheal is an entrepreneur. He runs and ACT, SAT prep course company. The person who inspired him the most is his dad. His dad is an entrepreneur as well. He runs  a computer consulting firm called Timberline Technologies. The name of his company was inspired by his love for Colorado's infamous fourteeners. Micheal saw a previous piece I did of all the peak shapes and asked me to recreate this piece in the colors of his dad's company.


Up For Grabs

These pieces are self commissioned, meaning I had a vision or idea of my own and chose to bring it to life. I find it therapeutic to create things I imagine or see visions for. They are up for grabs so email me if you are interested!


You know those trippy dreams you have that make absolutely no sense? We all have them from time to time. This is piece represents that category of dreams in an engaging, movement filled image.



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